Tone as You Lift with Charcoal Blonding Kit

Charcoal Blonding Kit - Tone as you lift

Tired of pre-toner brassy results from bleaching? Introducing Bblonde Charcoal Blonding Kit - the ultimate solution for toning as you lift. Banishing brassy and yellow tones from the start of the bleaching process. With a lift up to seven shades and a cool icy finish, you'll spend less time on toning and more time looking fabulous!

Charcoal Blonding Kit Expected Results

Toning & Caring

Not only does our kit deliver stunning icy results, but it also cares for your hair along the way. Enriched with Babbassu and Moringa oils, it nurtures your strands, leaving them silky smooth and radiantly shiny, for the ultimate salon finish. 

Charcoal Blonding Kit Contents

What's Inside?

Our kit includes everything you need to achieve salon results in the convenience of your own home including:

  • Charcoal Powder Bleach with activated charcoal to tone as it lifts 
  • 30 Vol Maximum Cream Peroxide for a slower lift, allowing the charcoal to penetrate the hair shaft and tone as it lightens 
  • Black ice Shampoo and Conditioning Mask for a flawless icy finish with no staining or residue left behind
Charcoal Blonding Kit Customer Review

What Our Customer's Say

"OBSESSED! With the new Bblonde Charcoal Blonding Kit! 100% my new go to every month for my roots"

Megan Lye Bblonde Insiders member

"Addressing the common challenge of brassy and yellow-toned results faced by many at-home bleachers, this kit offers a reliable solution, promising professional-quality results from the comfort of our customers own home"

Michelle Billington Bblonde Hair Expert


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