Toning Drops New Shades Are Here

Introducing Toning Drops Copper and Bronde

Introducing Toning Drops Copper & Bronde

What if we told you that you don't have to go to the salon to top up your toner, or spend hours applying toner and waiting for it to develop.. 

Say hello to Bblonde Toning Drops!

Toning Drops are already a firm favourite with our blonde babes and now we've added two new shades to keep your colour rich and intense and banish those unwanted brassy tones.

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What Are Toning Drops?

Toning Drops are concentrated pigments that can be mixed with your regular shampoo or conditioner to quickly and easily acheive your desired tone at home. 

Whether you are going after an icy blonde or embracing the depth and vibrancy of our two new shades, Copper and Bronde, it's so helpful to know how to maintain your colour at home and keep your hair looking salon fresh all year long. Toning Drops can be used to neutralise any brassiness for a crisp, cool blonde or to add warm coppers and low light bronde shades for a new look. 

Introducing Two New Shades

Our two new shades COPPER and BRONDE offer a customisable solution to enhance your colour at home or maintain your tone between salon visits. 

"Copper and Bronde can be a challenge to get just right at home. Whether you're craving a fresh summer vibe or just need to maintain your colour between salon visits, our new Toning Drops make it effortless. Simply blend them into your usual haircare routine for a custom shade without the permanent commitment"

Michelle Billington Bblonde Hair Expert


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