How to go blonde at home

Routine colour appointments have become a thing of the past with no access to our dependable colourist. Overnight, we are now our own colour expert. We have mastered the root touch up, blended away greys and experimented with brights. One of the biggest challenges of the at home hair is when brunette meets blonde. Is this doable, should you even attempt?

Going Blonde

The good news is going blonde at home is totally achievable. Just a few key things to remember in making sure you get the perfect blonde...

What is my base colour?

Your base colour is key when deciding what products to choose for your perfect blonde. Darker shades will require more levels of lift to achieve a natural blonde.

The Jerome Russell Blonding & Highlighting kits come in 2 options. Your base shade will determine what kit is best for you. The darker the hair the more level of lift you will need.

No. 1 = 8-9 levels of lift

No. 2 = 6-7 levels of lift

Jerome Russell products are the go-to for amazing blonde hair. Formulated with avocado oil for enhanced hydration and shine, this easy to use range gives you professional results every time.

For the above base shades use Kit No.1

For the above base shades use Kit No.2

Is my hair in good condition?

Beautiful natural looking blonde is amazing, however if not done with care and consideration it can cause damage.

The first step is determining if your hair is healthy enough to bleach. You will know if your hair is fine, prone to breaking or just dry and heat damaged. Make sure you get a good trim and apply a deep conditioning treatment to give you hair an injection of moisture.

Have I coloured my hair recently?

If you have already bleached your hair or used a box dye in the past, you will have different results than somebody that is a natural brunette. This is due to a build-up of product in the hair which changes the hair structure and products will react differently. Make sure to conduct a 48-hour hair strand test to show your colour results so you can confirm your personal development time.

Can I achieve my ideal blonde?

Everyone’s hair is different and what works for others may not work for you. If your hair is a dark brown you may require another session of bleaching before you’ve achieved your desired lift.

You may also need a toner afterwards and Jerome Russell Bblonde has such a variety of shades to choose from, from Golden Blonde to Silver, there is something for everybody. With patience and good quality products, everybody can achieve their dream blonde!

Key Tips

• There are essential tips that must be remembered when you decide to go blonde to make sure your application is as easy and fun, and you can achieve naturally blonde and beautifully conditioned hair.

• You will hear it over and over but it is the most important stage of going blonde - do NOT skip the hair strand and skin sensitivity tests. Do this 48 hours before you start the bleaching process to guarantee salon quality results.

• Before you start, make sure you have enough! The last thing you want is to realise you will run out of product before you finish. If your hair is longer than shoulder length or thick then pick up 2 kits.

• Going blonde can be a fun to do with somebody else and much easier. Ask your friend or partner help, especially with those hard to reach areas.


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