Skin sensitive testing: Why and how?

Before you colour your hair, it is very important to conduct a skin sensitivity test, even if you have used the product before. Skin reactions can develop over time, even if you have not had them before.

Do I need to do a skin sensitivity test?

Yes. It is essential that you conduct a skin sensitivity test prior to colouring your hair every time.

How do I conduct a patch test?

1. Wash and dry a small patch of skin behind your ear.

2. Mix a 0.5 teaspoon of Powder Bleach and 1.5 teaspoons of Cream Peroxide in the mixing tray.

3. Use a cotton bud to apply a small amount of the colour mixture behind your ear.

4. Leave for 48 hours before washing off, check regularly.

5. If no reaction occurs, wash off with cool water. If during this period any irritation or swelling on the skin occurs, wash off immediately with cool water and do not proceed any further.

It is very important to remember and seal the bottles tightly after you have opened them for an allergy test. This prevents the products from oxidising and ensures the active ingredients will work after the test.

I have another question

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