At home bleaching tutorial

We want to make getting amazing blonde hair from home easy for you! Application is key and if you follow these step-by-step instructions the result with be salon quality blonde. Make sure that you read the instructions thoroughly before starting application and always conduct the 48-hour hair strand and skin sensitivity test.

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Step 1

Read instructions carefully before starting and don’t forget your gloves.

Mix the Jerome Russell Maximum Blonding Kit as per instructions. Add a shot of the Jerome Russell Jplex Bond Builder to protect hair and reinforce damaged bonds typically caused by bleaching.

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Step 2

Divide hair into sections to ensure it can all be coated evenly.

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Step 3

If this is your first-time bleaching start with your ends and then apply to your roots. If you are applying to re-growth, and your ends are lighter, then start with your roots before applying to your ends.

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Step 4

Leave to develop for no longer than 90 minutes, recommend developed time is between 25-45 minutes. Time will be indicated by the 48-hour hair strand test. Once the bleach mixture has been left on your hair for the indicated time, rinse out thoroughly.

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Step 5

Apply the Jerome Russell Deep Conditioning Shampoo included in your Maximum Blonding Kit. Rinse thoroughly.

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Step 6

Dry and style as usual for amazing results!


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