• procolour dark brown 4.0
  • procolour dark brown 4.0
  • procolour dark brown 4.0
  • procolour dark brown 4.0

ProColour Dark Brown 4.0

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Professional industry knowledge and extensive research has led to the development of this high performing permanent colour that delivers a natural depth and shine with ultimate colour retention.

Formulated with Brazil Nut oil to add shine and silkiness, this pure permanent colour is kind to hair whilst delivering up to 100% grey coverage and intense colour vibrancy.

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Instructions very easy to read and the ingredients are simple to combine. Very easy to apply. The texture was smooth and made good contact with my hair. All the grey hair was covered and enhanced my normal colour hair The colour lasted a long time and still maintained its shine and luster .
Not sure I loved this, if I’m honest. The dye mix was VERY thick, and even then it was hard to get good coverage, no matter how thin/small the sections is used. It did come with barrier cream, but way too much barrier cream? Like, am I coating myself in this? Awkwardly, it felt like I didn’t have enough dye mixture and had to be careful and precise when applying (to make sure everything was covered but also that I didn’t waste any so I wouldn’t run out before I was finished - and my hair is SHORT), so the ratio between barrier cream:dye mix was definitely off. I was super annoyed when it came out patchy. It wasn’t super obvious, like my friend couldn’t tell, but I could, and it annoyed me so much. So, my advice would be if you are determined to use this brand, and have long hair, get two boxes. Else, find something else.
I was very impressed with the fact that this came with a barrier cream as I love alone so when dying my hair it can get very messy so if I can at least prevent it from staining my hairline that's a win in my eyes! The dye smelt very nice and didn't have a strong chemical smell like other dyes. It left my hair looking very glossy and fresh.
I tried this as was trying to find a home colour that I can use instead of going to the hairdressers all the time but I was left quite disappointed The end colour didn't look natural it looked like someone had painted my hair. I followed the instructions perfectly but in some places the dye didn't even take so I was left patchy which wasn't a great look. Ended up back at hairdressers asking them to put my hair right again. Wouldn't use this again
The picture shows a nice brown but mine turned out darker than expected and didn't cover all my gray's. It's not easy to apply as the dye is quite thick and hard to squeeze out of the bottle, I do have a weak grip though. The conditioner is nice though and my hair was shiny after use. I prefer my usual brand as I can rely on the colour