Permanent colour can seem quite daunting when it’s something you’re not used to; however, you may find yourself ready to switch over. Each type of colourant has their own advantages and we are going to talk through each so you can determine what is best for you. Don’t be afraid to commit to permanent colour, with the right knowledge and product you can have amazing salon quality colour in no time whilst saving yourself money and time.


These do not require the mixing of developers, and deposit colours onto the hair with no lightening effect. Very similar to semi-permanent in that they will eventually wash out of the hair, but these are even more gentle. The best time to use non-permanent colours is to try out fun, crazy colours! If you want to go pink for a festival or holiday, or try a new tone of blonde before committing, these colours are always handy to have around! Our Maximum Blonde and Colour Toners are non-permanent, completely PPD and ammonia free, ensuring they are gentle on hair whilst depositing amazing colour. They last up to 8 washes so you can regularly switch up your colour and experiment.  


This colourant requires the mixing of low-volume developers, and the colours tend to last longer than non-permanent colours but will still wash out in around 12-20 washes. This is best for those who are looking for a colour boost that will last longer than a non-permanent colour, but still aren’t quite ready to commit to permanent. Our Semi-Permanent colours are best used post-bleaching. They tone down brassy tones left in the hair and give it a bright blonde result that lasts up to 16 washes. There are shades for each type of blonde you want to be!


This colourant includes a higher volume of developer, which allows the colour to penetrate into the hair shaft, and this is mixed with colour to either lighten or darken your hair. Permanent hair colours are best for covering greys as it actually transforms them into another colour, rather than glossing over like other colourant. Technically permanent colour will never fully be removed from your hair, but they will fade slightly over time and can be dyed over with a new shade if you’re fancying a change! We have a variety of permanent shades, from ice blondes to rich brunettes and they are all cruelty-free.

Are you ready to take the plunge to permanent colour?

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