Ensure you keep your blonde hair looking its best in the sun by following our simple summer hair care tips! Intense exposure to sunlight can be harmful especially for bleached hair. The UV rays penetrate the hair follicle and can break down the amino acids and protein. This can leave your hair feeling brittle and lacking in shine. So remember this summer, it's not just your skin you need to protect in the sun.

Don't forget a hat

It's important to protect your scalp as well as your hair in the sun. Whether you opt for a boho floppy hat or a trusty baseball cap, not only will it make you feel cooler but it will help protect your scalp from direct UV rays which can cause hair to become dry.

Keep hydrated

Whenever you're in the sun it's important to drink plenty of water. Not only does it keep the body hydrated but also helps your scalp to stay hydrated. Healthy scalp = healthy hair.

Always use a conditioner

If you've spent the day basking in the sun try using a leave in conditioner. This will help repair your hair by adding moisture, leaving it feeling healthy and looking its best. Or try using one of our homemade conditioning treatments here

Try a simple updo

It can be hard to keep cool in the sun when you've got long hair. Pinning hair up is great way to keep cool on a hot day. Why not try a stylish bun or classic high ponytail. Try our simple, easy to follow hair guides here

Protect hair from chlorine

Before taking a dip in the pool to cool down, wet your hair before getting in. Your hair is like a sponge and will absorb less of the chlorine if it's already wet.

Go natural

Give your hair a break from heated styling tools such as straighteners and curlers. Tousled hair is the perfect look for summer and really on trend so go on and embrace the natural look.




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