Blondes Have More Fun

The age-old saying ‘Blondes have more fun’ has been proven to be true. Whether it’s a soft caramel or a bold icey tone, being blonde could be exactly what you need to start transitioning to the warmer weather. We offer blonding kits as well as toners & permanent dyes to get any blonde shade you could imagine!

Fiery Vixen

The classic colour of love. Red is one of the hottest (excuse the pun) colour trends of 2019. Colours ranging from copper to cherry are all the rage and are a fun way to temporarily spice up your hair colour. Copper tones offer a more muted, undertone shade of red whilst cherry and bright red can be a bold, confident look for brunettes, blondes and redheads alike.

Pink to Make You Wink

Pink is everywhere in Spring, so why not add make it your hair colour? You could add streaks of pink to your highlights  for a fun temporary treat or go for a brighter look for all over colour. Rose, blush, magenta or bubble-gum pink are just some of the shades you can choose from!

Pretty in Purple

To finish our trio of Valentine’s colours, lilac and lavender remain popular throughout the mermaid trend of 2018 and bring a sense of magic to any hair style. Loose waves with lilac tones throughout create a whimsical, romantic effect that is perfect for those who prefer a more non-traditional fun hair colour.

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