Get a glow

Forget gathering around the bonfire, as this year everyone will be gathered around you wanting to know how you achieved such a gorgeous warm blonde shade.  Turn heads and shine brighter this autumn with our Maximum Blonde Toner in White Gold which will give a beautiful warm tone to your hair.

Go for bangs

We get it – a fringe (or bangs) is a big step. What if you don’t like it? What if it takes too long to grow back? Well, a fringe is super-versatile and doesn’t have to define your look. Go for a soft feathered fringe for a small change that will reignite the spark you once had for your hair, or go bold with a heavy fringe for a complete hair reinvention. And if you want to take your fringe game to the next level? Try adding some highlights or all-over blonde to it. 

Do dazzling condition

Don’t just stop at hair colouring, outshine those fireworks with our Jplex treatments. Because who doesn’t love the look of shiny, smooth and healthy hair, right? And whether your hair is coloured or not, regularly deep-conditioning is a must. Looking to colour and style with confidence? Reach for our Jplex easy-to-follow hair treatments.

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