Dyeing your hair at home can be quite overwhelming. There are so many options of dye to choose, colours to go, types of application – the options seem endless! However, we want to make it an enjoyable experience for yourself and have outlined the key steps to make sure that you achieve amazing salon quality colour.

What type of dye to use?

First, you must decide what type of dye you want to use! Bleach, permanent, semi-permanent, toners, there are a lot to choose from.


This is used to lighten your hair. If you are wanting to lighten your hair, you will need to use bleach. You mix this with peroxide, the higher the volume the more lift! Bleach is a permanent colourant, therefore the only way to remove it is to grow it out or dye over.


Same as bleach, this is colourant that will only be removed by growing it out or dyeing over. It is different to bleach as this includes all different colours of dye. The dye is permanent, but it can slightly fade and result in lack of depth over time so regular colouring may be needed.


This is a colourant that will last a certain number of hair washes. The best time to use these is if you are wanting to experiment with hair colours or try one before you commit to a permanent dye. These can be less harmful on your hair, but it will need to be re-applied often.


Toners are most commonly used on blonde hair after bleaching and helps you correct or personalise your hair colour. Although it is mostly used on blondes, brunettes and redheads can also benefit from it. There is a wide variety of toner colours available, from Ice Blonde to Pink.


What colour suits you

When it comes to dyeing your hair it’s important to know which colour suits you before you start. By knowing this your hair colour will look a lot more professional and flattering overall. The easiest way to determine what colours suit you best is to go by the undertone of your skin colour. If your undertone leans more towards the cooler side, stick to cooler tones such as ice blonde or ash brown. Avoid warmth, such as golden tones, as this is will make you look flushed. If you have a warmer complexion with olive tones, go for more golden colours as this will bring warmth to your face and avoid cool tones as they will make you look washed out. These include golden blondes and chocolate browns. If you have a neutral undertone, then you are one of the lucky ones. You will suit both warm and cool hair colours!


Preparation for application

It is super important that before you start your colourant application you are fully prepared. Make sure you have enough dye, if your hair is longer than shoulder length or relatively thick then it is best to have 2 dye kits. It is better to have too much colour and have some leftover than to run out halfway through application. Always make sure you thoroughly read instructions prior to application and know any additional tools you may need. We recommend having a hair brush, towel, cotton wool buds, petroleum jelly, timer and, if possible, somebody to help. Those hard to reach areas can be difficult so having a helping hand is always appreciated.



The part you’ve been looking forward to – application! There are many different types of application that you can choose when it comes to at home colour, and lucky for you we’ve written a whole blog post on it. Highlights, roots, bleaching, we cover it all to make your life that little bit easier.


Post care

You’ve achieved your dream hair colour and now you need to maintain it. Your hair requires a lot of love and attention, especially if it’s been coloured. Your shampoo is super important to maintain healthy hair, and we recommend a sulfate free shampoo. Sulfates strip your hair of colour and can leave it looking very lack lustre and dull. Our Colour Protect shampoo and conditioner are sulfate free and infused with Colour Protect Complex to help prevent fading and is suitable for all coloured hair. The result is colour that lasts. Always use heat protection to defend your hair from heat that can give irreversible damage, and use styling products that are gentle on your hair with little chemicals.

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