Blonde hair has always been a talking point, and even now #blondehair videos have over 1.6 BILLION views on Tiktok, and UK Google searches for ‘Blonde Hair’ are up by 5000%!

Blonde hair celebrities are always linked to iconic status, for example Marilyn Monroe, Pamela Anderson, Madonna, Adele, and Paris Hilton to name but a few.

Our Brand Educator and Celebrity Hairstylist Jason Collier has worked on many A-list blondes and reveals his favourite celebrity blonde shades, and how to achieve the look using Jerome Russell products, at home.

1. It’s Iconic

“Blonde hair embodies glamour, and we still look for influence from those beautiful blonde icons from decades gone like Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe and Debbie Harry. They’re iconic, and yet still in style. To get a similar shade to these icons, choose a light and bright but natural golden blonde like the Jerome Russell Bblonde Semi Permanent Golden Blonde Toner, £7.97, Amazon. This shade will draw attention and compliments to your gorgeous hair, whilst also complimenting your features and works for any hairstyle whether it’s long and down, or updos.”

2. The Adele Effect

“As well as a best-selling album, Adele’s comeback brought gorgeous honey blonde back, with it quickly becoming the go to inspiration for 2022. Her 90s fluffy blonde curls with multi-dimensional colour is a beautiful sultry shade. To recreate this honey shade, use the Jerome Russell Bblonde Permanent Hair Colour in Natural Blonde 9.13, £8.99, Boots. Honey Blonde is the epitome of a hair glow up, and just like Adele has made her strong comeback, I recommend this shade if you’re looking for something new and impactful. “

3. That's Hot shade

” To harness the Y2K icon Paris Hilton, the shade ‘that's hot’ right now is her light blonde hair. The icy blonde shade will be on everyone’s want list this year. For a full head of blonde, paired with highlights to create the look just like Paris Hilton opt for the Jerome Russell Bblonde Permanent Hair Colour in Platinum 11.21, £8.99, Boots. For all over colour or a semi-permanent toner to lift lighter shades of blonde use the Jerome Russell Bblonde Semi Permanent White Blonde Toner, £7.99, Boots.”

“Those were some of my favourite blonde shades, but any Bblonde shade you choose will be iconic! If you need help getting started with dying your hair, or want some tips, be sure to check out the rest of Jerome Russell’s blog posts – as the UK’s number 1 blonding range and over 30 years of experience they are for sure the experts!”

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