With warmer weather coming up and summer holidays being planned, people are usually conscious of applying sunscreen, making sure they’re drinking water and not staying out in the sun too long. However, few consider the damage that the sun can do to their hair. UV rays can dry out your hair, dull its colour and cause damage that could easily be prevented.

Deep Condition

Sun is notorious for drying out not only your skin, but your hair. This damage can also be increased by chlorine in swimming pools and dehydration.  To help prevent damage caused by UV rays, be sure to deep condition your hair at least once a week whilst it’s sunny outside. Our Jplex Hair Perfector and Maintainer are manufactured to improve hair condition from within. Applied both during the hair washing process and afterwards, these products smooth and seal the hair shaft for strong, vibrant and healthy-looking hair.

Cover Up

Just as you would cover up your skin to prevent UV rays from getting to it, it is recommended that you do the same with your hair. This can either be with a headscarf, or with a hat which would also help protect the sun from your face and eyes. Keeping your hair out of direct sunlight will lessen the potential damage that it could cause.

Care for Colour

It has been proven that heat and sunlight will dull all different types of hair colours, from brunette to purple. Don’t waste your money giving yourself a fresh new hair colour if it’s just going to fade in a few weeks. Our Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner are great to maintain a fresh colour weeks after application. They can be used on any and all hair colours and are enhanced with both Camomile and English Poppy Seed Oil which provides deep nourishment for vibrant colour results.

Avoid Hot Styling

As we already know, heat is damaging to your hair condition and colour. It is encouraged to avoid hot styling as much as possible, and if so to use heat protected, but during the warmer months it should be avoided even more. Dry your hair on a cooler setting, or naturally, and use a variety of heatless styling techniques to achieve your usual look. If heat styling is a necessity for you, be sure to use a heat protectant, like our Blow Dry Balm, and keep hair thoroughly conditioned.

Hair Sunscreen

I know, we were confused as well. A few years ago, hair sunscreen would have been something completely out of the ordinary, but these days more and more brands are coming out with versions of their own. Just as it says on the tin, this product will protect your hair in the sun just as normal sunscreen would do for your own. Although hair sunscreen would help protect your hair, apply all the other tips here to ensure your hair is kept protected and pristine!




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