Endless backcombing, hair spraying and heat styling can have a damaging effect on our hair. So if your January detox didn't include your hair, join the Bblonde team this month and give your hair a well deserved break.

Hair masks

After months of exposing your hair to harsh heat or unforgiving weather, it's time to rehydrate from root to tip. Treating your hair to a hair mask can provide it with that much needed moisture to repair brittle, damaged hair as well as enhancing shine. Try out these fresh, fun and cost effective recipes here

Avoid over-washing

Many of us are guilty of over-washing our hair, so it's important you break the habit. If you shampoo your hair daily you are stripping away natural oils which your hair needs. By washing it less frequently will make your hair look more rejuvenated as well as being easier to style. Try washing it every other day and use a spray of dry shampoo to freshen up in between.

Cut back on styling tools

A vital part of your hair detox is cutting out heat-styling tools, whether you are a slave to straighteners or you worship your curling tongs, cutting back on usage can help prevent damage and retain colour. If you suffer from hard to handle hair, why not try rocking a chic top knot or a statement high ponytail? Or if your hair is just too difficult to tame without, make a small (yet effective) change by letting your hair dry naturally overnight or using the cold setting on your hair dryer.

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