It’s that time of year – when we make our hair work overtime and expect it to still look glossy and shiny. After almost a month of festive partying, there’s just enough time to give your hair some much-needed care before the final blow out of the year. Regular colouring and heat styling can weaken the bonds in your hair, which means it can look dull and is more prone to breaking. But by giving it some tender loving care, you can rejuvenate it. With most of us enjoying some downtime between Christmas and New Year – now is the perfect excuse to indulge in some you time… So, if you want to recharge your hair, read on.

Our Jplex three-step system is a high-quality and more affordable alternative to salon treatments. All the products are formulated using unique bond-building proteins and strengthen your hair either during or after colouring. Check out our video:

To achieve salon quality locks at home, follow these steps:


Use when bleaching your hair to achieve strong, smooth and healthy looking hair. The incredible bond technology protects the hair throughout the chemical process to minimise damage.

The Jplex Bond Builder is formulated to reinforce damaged bonds for maximum strength when mixed with Jerome Russell colour or bleach treatment.

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Jplex Bond Maintainer is a deep-conditioning treatment formulated to strengthen bleached and coloured hair. When used regularly, this nourishing treatment smooths and seals hair strands giving you strong, vibrant and healthy-looking coloured hair.

Use this to nurture, protect and further-bind hair.

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Formulated to enhance your Jerome Russell hair colour regime, the Jplex Hair Perfector can be used regularly and delivers a unique active ingredient, which works to improve the hair condition from within.

This salon quality perfecting spray helps to improve the integrity of hair by helping to reduce breakages and damage, leaving hair looking and feeling healthier for outstanding colour results.

Use this daily to continually improve the overall quality of your hair.

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