Summer is here and we all know what that means – it’s festival season! In recent years music festivals have quickly grown from simply somewhere to hang out with friends and see your favourite artists to somewhere where you are express yourself not only musically but also fashionably. The trends are getting more and more adventurous and we’re here to tell you exactly how to achieve all your favourite Instagram festival looks! 

Double Dutch

Festivals can sometimes be hot (okay maybe not in the UK, but fingers crossed!) and definitely can be tiring. When you plan on dancing the whole day and running from stage to stage you want your hair out of the way but still looking cute. Dutch braids are a great way to keep yourself looking trendy and put together. If you want to be a little extra adding coloured extensions and glitter can really take your look to a whole new level.

Extension Everything

Extensions are a great way to make heads turn without the commitment. They come in so many colours, lengths and even patterns to achieve any look you can dream of. If the colour you want isn’t available or a little out of your budget, we recommend picking up a cheap pack of blonde extensions from eBay or Amazon and personalising them yourself! Use our Colour Max range of colours to achieve all sorts of patterns, colours or ombre mixes. Glitter extensions are another great way to make your hair stand out without actually putting any glitter in your hair, because we all know how annoying glitter can be!

Mermaid Madness

Mermaids have been a trend for some time now, and what better time than a festival to decide to give it a go! Firstly, ensure that your hair is a light blonde using our Maximum Blonding Kit to get the best colour pay off. A mix of Colour Max in blue and turquoise give a great multi-dimensional look that could make even Ariel jealous.

Beach Babe

It’s not only coloured hair that can make you festival ready. A simple wave can add enough to make you look boho chic and like you just arrived from Woodstock. Use a thick curling wand and wave hair in alternating directions to create an effortless bend to give the hair volume and texture. Finish off with braids or hair accessories to keep your hair out of your face but still looking stylish all festival long.

Candy Carnival

Pastel hair is increasing in popularity year on year and festival season is no exception. Summer is the time for lights and brights and this hair definitely falls under both of those categories. Again, first step is to make sure your hair is a light blonde using our Maximum Blonding Kit before dyeing as pastels will not show up on dark hair. Our toners in lilac and pink are perfect to give you this desired finish and return your hair back to its original colour after up to 8 washes. Since our toners contain no ammonia or peroxide, they will cause no further damage to your hair and you’ll come home after the festival looking good as new!

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