We've already seen striking colours such as pink and silver become must have looks for celebrities such as Nicole Richie and Rihanna, and with Bblonde you can achieve this on trend style without having to visit the salon.

The Maximum Colour Toners from Bblonde, available in pink and silver are not only super simple to use but are perfect if you want to give your hair a little non-permanent update. Containing no ammonia or peroxide, each toner is designed to be gentle and conditioning whilst colouring hair.

If your hair is already a light colour of blonde but you fancy experimenting with the colour then the Bblonde Colour Toners are perfect. Not only will they refresh and improve the condition of your hair but also leave a lasting vibrant shade of colour.

It's important to look after hair once it's been coloured not only to keep it healthy but also it keep the colour looking fresh and vibrant. Follow our helpful tips here to ensure your colour always looks its best.

So what are you waiting for, embrace the colour today click here to find out where you can purchase our colour toners. Don't forget if you've embraced the colour come and show us @bblondehair and don't forget to tag #EmbraceTheColour!

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