You need to work out your undertone. This can easily be determined by a few simple questions. When you look at the veins on your wrist, what colour do you see? If they look bluer you are likely a cooler undertone, but if more towards the green side then you have a warmer undertone. Another trick is to ask yourself what jewellery you think looks better on you. If you tend to stick to silver and platinum jewellery you are a cooler skin tone and if you sway more towards gold then you have a warm skin tone. Easy!

Once you have determined your undertone then you can look into what shades of blonde will flatter you the most. For those who have a cooler undertone we recommend that you stick with this and lean towards the cooler blonde shades. These include platinum, ash, wheat blonde and baby beige. With a warmer skin tone this can be flattered by more golden and honey hues of blonde such as butterscotch, balayage and honey blonde, to bring out those olive undertones.

We have multiple blonding toners available for every cool or warm shade you could think of. Check them out here.



It is not just your skin tone that can determine what shades of blonde are most flattering for you. Your eye colour also plays a role in what blonde is most suited. If you have lighter eye colours, such as blue and green, stick to soft, multi-tonal shades of blonde to bring out the lightness in your eyes and make them pop against your skin. If your eyes are on the darker side, such as hazel or brown, then stay with the deeper, richer shades to flatter your eye colour and not create such a stark contrast between the two.



It’s all well and good to decide you’re going to go blonde, if anything we encourage it! However, there are post-dyeing factors that need to be taken into consideration. Think about the maintenance. How much are you willing to commit to maintaining your blonde and its condition? This includes time, money and patience. There are plenty of aftercare products that are designed to keep your blonde in the best condition and cuts down the cost of going to the salon once every 3 months, but you must be willing to commit.



Take into consideration the condition of your hair. Although our Jplex range will minimise the damage of bleaching, it isn’t the healthiest thing you can do to your hair so take a good look at it beforehand. If it’s already in a dry and damaged condition then we recommend you invest in some hair masks and treatments before applying any bleach to your hair, as this will just cause further irreversible damage. If your hair seems strong and sturdy then go ahead, but use our Jplex range to protect your hair bonds during the bleaching process.


Everyone and anyone can go blonde and now that you know the ins and outs, we welcome you to the Bblonde family. Bleach away!

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