We’ve all been there. We finally get our perfect shade of blonde and then slowly, but surely, the brassy or orange tones start to peak through. So how do you combat these brassy tones? Easy, by using our no yellow shampoo and mask

How does it work?

Commonly known as purple shampoo, the no yellow shampoo and mask from Jerome Russell works off the colour wheel theory to get rid of any brassy or yellow tones that may have creeped up in your coloured hair.  Since purple and violet are on the opposite end of the colour wheel to orange and yellow, using a No Yellow shampoo or mask will cancel out any brassy undertones you currently have and work to neutralise them, therefore returning your blonde locks back to their original brightness.

When do I use it?

Good question. Contrary to common belief, a range of hair colours, including brunette, redheads and grey/white hair, can also benefit from using the No Yellow shampoo and mask to brighten up their colour. When it comes to treating brassy tones this entirely depends on your own hair and the desired effect. This is determined by how long it is left on the hair and can help you achieve anything from a golden, honey blonde to an ice cool white.

How do I use it?

Simply run hair under warm water till soaked through, then apply the shampoo as you would with any normal shampoo and leave it to sit for 1-5 minutes. The more yellow/orange your hair is, the longer you should leave it on for. Be careful not to use this product every time you wash your hair, and only use it when needed, or leave it on too long as it can leave a slight temporary purple tinge. For best results we recommend you use it once a week followed by the No Yellow mask. With the mask apply to towel-dried hair to the mid-length and ends of the hair and leave for 3-10 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

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