Don’t you think that Blondes just do it better and really do seem to have way more fun!

Do you ever think back to the old you? Yes, that’s right, the outgoing you; the sun-kissed beach babe, beautiful, blonde you. It was being blonde, wasn’t it? Oh, how you miss it…being a blonde. But, what? You think you haven’t got the confidence to pull it off, or even the money to keep it up? Well, we’re here to enable your fabulous inner blondie to shine (as destined).

It’s almost winter, but even as the colourful leaves begin to fade and fall, that doesn’t mean you should lose your colours, too. So, Bblonde this season. Plus, it’s the perfect base for your Halloween colour transformation…

How to Bblonde (and achieve your best self)

For ultimate blonde salon quality hair, use Bblonde Maximum Blonding Kit No.1. Formulated to work best on light brown to dark brown hair, this easy-to-use kit also has a conditioning shampoo to cleanse and condition, leaving hair vibrant, shiny and looking fabulous! Find out more:

Where to buy

Boots, Superdrug, Morrisons or Tesco


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