1. Eat foods that are high in vitamins

They help keep your hair nourished and will make sure your hair does not lose moisture.

2. Treat your hair with a deep conditioning treatment fortnightly

One of our favourites is the avocado and honey mask.

3. Do not attack your hair with a hairdryer straight from the shower

Let it air dry then once it's around 80% dry finish off with the hair dryer.  (Bblonde extra tip) Did you know the last bit of moisture left in your hair is what helps to set your style, giving you that perfect blow-dry?

4. Don't wash your hair every day

Washing can remove the natural oils, which contribute to healthy, glossy hair. Get creative with bobby pins and bobbles on day two, giving your hair a rest day between washes and heat styling. 

5. Regularly trim your hair to remove any spilt ends

This is important especially if you planning on bleaching your hair, your hair should be in its best condition before applying any bleach.

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